1) The first thing I am excited to say is Mistress Shakti, my Goddess, looks much more beautiful in reality than any photo could portray. However apart from falling to my knees to worship my Goddess and Her beauty, what stunned me most was the unique mystery of Her presence. I was under Her control from the get-go, contrary to my cocky attitude. It was a whirlwind. I am still under Her spell 2 weeks later and counting. See you as soon as my real life allows. Yours, E x


2) i am speechless. An old chap now, having an interest in fetish since a young boy, i can tell the world that Mistress is the most talented Mistress i have ever had the pleasure of submitting to. Mistress, YOU are the ONE AND ONLY and You are my one and only. henry j a.


3) That bdsm tantra session, oh my god! I am alive for the first time in my life. Deep gratitude to Mistress Shakti. Your skill in the area of combining fetish with tantra is unrivalled. I am talking internationally too. Wow. Devastated travelling back to Denmark tomorrow. If ever I return to London, I pray to see you again. Submissive to you only. Mx.


4) My main challenge is to describe Mistress Shakti without lapsing into cliche. She has an aura quite different from any I had previously experienced – capable of drawing you in & then plunging you deep into sub space.


5) On my first visit I was nervous that we had not discussed many specifics, but I felt calm once in Mistress’ strong presence.  Very quickly attention was drawn to any errors in following her precise instructions and I was compelled to improve.

I began to crave Her touch, eager to please & suffer in exchange for being the focus of Mistress’ attention. I felt my ego being stripped away as I was overwhelmed & moulded to suit Her needs. My mind raced with the sensation of being owned as Her warm piss splashed over my prone body. Finally I lay there, arrived at a place I had been looking for – complete safety & at the feet of a beautiful superior woman. Love Toy a.
6) Mistress, I am indebted to you. I would like to take the opportunity in this testimonial to you to tell other potential clients, that Mistress Shakti has studied Tantra for many years and it shows in her skill level. We did orgasm denial play. I didn’t know my body could do the things it did under the Shakti touch. Mistress, I will continue to breathe as you showed me. My world seems brighter, more real. Love, Light and Submission. Basking in your aura. Steven.
7) I am going back to Mistress Shakti next week & I’ve struggled to think about anything else all day. I want to be the submissive She makes me – anything else seems a poor compromise. a.x