March 10, 2018
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March 10, 2018 Web Mistress


Mistress Shakti will get great enjoyment walking all over you, trampling all over your body while wearing her 7 inch high heels or her sexy office heels or feminine kitten heels. Feel the spikes press in to your body as she walks gracefully over your soft skin, pressing her body weight through the heels of her shoes or boots in to you, treading softly or torturing you. Relax under the pressure of her trampling over you like you are a luxury mat or a submissive who needs to be taught his rightful place, which is under the soles of his mistresses boots, shoes or even bare feet. Notice the reddening of your skin and how the marks of her heels stay temporarily imprinted on your body.

Relax in to the spiky pressure or the soft pressure of Mistresses bare feet, sometimes intense to the point that you may feel the physical threat of Mistress Shakti’s heels piercing your body or the pleasure of her soft feet trampling sternly yet a touch affectionately all over your sweet submissive body.

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