Spanking, OTK…

February 24, 2018
Posted in Sessions

Spanking, OTK…

One of the best ways to create a specular mixture of both emotional and physical submission and surrender, is to be spanked over the knee by Mistress Shakti.

There is no end to the emotional struggles and releases that spanking over the knee, also known at OTK, can create or induce. Be held over Mistress Shakti’s knee, presenting to her your bum, which is in serious need of a spanking punishment.

Warming you up with a lighter spanking that slowly but surely builds in to a harder spanking, this is a punishment not for the feint hearted, because spanking, administered by only the hands/palms of Mistress, can be more painful  than even some of the harsher implements on offer in the chamber of Mistress Shakti of London.

Spanking over the knee can create a real mixture of conflicting physical and emotional elements colliding, all of which Mistress Shakti will be very excited to explore and discuss with you. Mistress loves to know what makes her submissive really tick, both physically and psychologically, and will do her sadistic best to find out.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]