Hoods, Gags, Restraint..

February 24, 2018
Posted in Sessions

Hoods, Gags, Restraint..

Being hooded and the accompanying sensory depravation, is a perfect way to sharpen your awareness to My every touch, My smell, My Presence. Being hooded may feel slightly unnerving, however your heightened experience of Me will be worth the leather head piece.

If you suffer from claustrophobia, then inform me of this during our initial conversation by phone and then again at the beginning of your session with Me — you will NOT be hooded or gagged. Also inform me, if being restrained is an issue for you and we can leave restraint of any type out of the session also.

A genuine Dominant like Myself, does not need fancy equipment to completely control the submissive. Without the use of physical restraints, you will still be fully restrained by my demeanour, Dominance, voice, and my ability to render you utterly subservient through your subspace.

When clients are hooded, the normal response is to feel a great sense of relief. Being hooded is the fast track to deeper feelings of submission and surrender.

Being gagged is even better. No chance of pleading, is a recipe for a very particular type of submissive feeling.

Restraint is the ultimate physical representation of submission against one’s will. Your futile attempts at squirming to escape will result in a tightening of the restraints and a verbal or physical punishment.

Restraint can also be used in the context of My BDSM Tantra session, and represents a more sensual type of surrender.

My experience and skill as a Dominatrix ensures that the use of hoods, gags and restraints are performed with safety as a priority.