Flogging, Caning…

February 24, 2018
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Flogging, Caning…

Being flogged or being caned is all about discipline. It can be very ritualistic and works very well as part of submission training, or role-play scenarios.

Although it may feel like punishment, it is absolutely a necessary course of action to install manners, discipline and obedience in the submissive.

You will willingly take the cane. You will willingly take the flogger. Any protesting from the submissive, will result in outright punishment for punishments sake.

Caning is not for the faint of heart and a discussion around limits will take place, in advance of any caning activity.

Sensual flagellation. The flogger can be used to give pleasure much more than pain. Some clients / submissives describe this as feeling similar to a massage. Flogging the back and the stomach lightly can be a beautiful addition to the BDSM Tantra session.

I do not leave marks on your body with flogging.

With caning, the marks left usually fade after a couple of hours (light redness).

Mistress Shakti does NOT engage in canings where heaving bruising or drawing blood takes place.


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