A Dominatrix in London with a serious fetish for punishment and sensuality of all kinds and kinks.

Let me introduce myself. I am Mistress Shakti.

I have 9 years experience on the London fetish scene and am one of London’s most in-demand Mistresses. In particular My BDSM Tantra session comes highly recommended. Refer to Sessions in menu, and testimonials. Trained by U.K College of Sex Therapy. Fully qualified Tantric Massage Therapist and Modern Tantra teacher.

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I can create for you, a deliciously Dominant physical experience or sadistically torture your mind.

I find a mixture of both these elements works best.

Delectable anticipation. Authentic experience. Release.

You will be trembling with adrenalin, your heart filled with desire to submit, as you near the door where I await on the other side… your submission to Me already playing in My head.

I, Mistress Shakti have a particular type of Dominance that will have any submissive going weak at the knees with surrender to the deeper submissive within.

I will bring you to a place of authentic submission and exquisite surrender, building you up to intense highs or deviant lows. I will find out exactly what makes you tick, so as to give you a very personalised and tailored experience. You will never know what I am thinking when I look directly at you, but you can be sure it involves you and the things I can and will do to you.

I specialise in Subspace. I am highly sensitive to the needs of my client, submissive, pleasure toy. I will push all the right buttons within you, and you will find yourself easily entering in to subspace. What is Subspace? It is a state of being, a pure letting go, euphoria in submission. Subspace is the alchemic result of trust and surrender. The feeling of subspace can last anywhere from hours to days after a session, whereby you can ride the wave of our experience together long after I have let you out of my dungeon.

After-care is as important to me as the other elements of a scene. I get an amazing amount of pleasure cradling, holding, rocking my submissive. If you fall asleep I’ll gently wake you by whispering in to your ear that you are mine to do what I please with and how much I enjoyed witnessing every shift in your body, under my full control.

Come in to my world and live out any or all of your otherwise undisclosed desires. No matter how wild, loud, quiet, unique, complex or spiritual your BDSM interests are, Mistress Shakti can assist you in bringing them to life, for you and for my own pleasure.

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